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The voices of dozens of innovative mothers heard in Kaufman and Quigley’s book still the cultural cacophony surrounding mothers in recent decades. These women’s stories bring to life a savvy counterculture unabashedly investing their skills, education, and imagination to yield a balance they crave in family life. They are confident that the self-knowledge and refinement mined in interdependent living will be the catalyst for an abundant life with adequate time ‘for every season.’” – Margie Johnson, Chairman of the Board, Mothers at Home


In her weekly AARP column, Parenting 2.0, Mary covers a range of current issues about millennials and their boomer and senior parents and grandparents.  Find her articles here

Mothering 21Mary started in August 2009. As the mother of three young adult children in various stages of life and careers, she realized that parenting never ends. Talking with other parents, she discovered there were many issues, some created by helicopter parents themselves, from failure to launch to becoming a mother-in-law.   The transition from hands-on parent to sideline coach is difficult to navigate. The blog start-up coincided with media attention to “emerging adults” and the notion that while “30 is not the new 20” many of our adult children were acting as if it were!