Why You Might Wait (and Wait) for Your Kids to Marry

The college class I teach on millennial issues enrolls 15 women — no men — so sometimes discussions are more revealing than in a co-ed class. When the topic of marriage comes up, some young women wonder if they will ever get married. Long gone are the days of going to college for a MRS (Mrs.) degree. Now, confronted with almost too many choices for careers and entrepreneurial ventures, my students question where marriage fits — if at all — in their life plans.

Their attitude toward marriage is reflected in a new Pew Research Center survey that found that 42 million Americans have never been married. Among adults 25 and older, a record share — 20 percent —  remained single, up from 9 percent in 1960. Released last week, the report surveyed 2003 adults, focusing on young adults ages 25-34.

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