Why Millennials Return to the Nest? They Like Living With Parents

In what the Pew Research Center calls a “return to the past,” a new study found that a growing number of young women are now living at home. About 36 percent of millennial women reside with parents, a number almost equal to the peak in 1940 when statistics were first kept. Unlike the World War II generation, many are college educated and delaying marriage.

An earlier Pew survey found that record numbers of both young men and women were less likely to be living independently now than in the depths of the Great Depression. Both surveys left some experts puzzled. “I’m still struggling with the economic explanation, since the labor market for young adults has improved in the last five years, and yet the percentage living with their family is still going up. It seems to be somewhat decoupled from economics,” Pew economist Richard Fry told the New York Times.

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