Tightening the Family Ties

Sometimes I feel like an in-house publicist for my three adult children: a text to the middle son asking him to give his sister a call; an email to the oldest telling him about his brother’s time on a half-marathon; a phone call to the youngest suggesting she check in with her brothers. Why persist in trying to tighten the sibling bonds? Because adult children are often at different stages – and locations – in their lives so it takes a conscious effort to keep family ties strong. Unfortunately in this 24-7 world it is too easy to let those bonds weaken.

Children spend decades growing up and sharing family experiences together, from the awful to the wonderful. No one will ever understand just one word – mom@#$%^! – like a sibling does. The relationship is the longest one of their lives; while parenting can span five or six decades, a sibling relationship, seven or eight.

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