The Inside Track on Your Child’s Sibling Ties

Various factors can affect brother-sister relationships

While sibling relationships are usually the longest we experience, they certainly wax and wane over the decades. National Sibling Day on April 10 is a good time to think about these bonds, and a new book, Adult Sibling Relationships, is food for thought. Coauthor Geoffrey L. Greif is a University of Maryland School of Social Work professor, the youngest of three siblings and the father of two 30-something daughters. So he comes to the topic with extensive personal and professional experience.

Greif urges parents not to be anxious about adult children relationships that are less than ideal. “There are so many things going on in those relationships, which means there are many opportunities not to get it right,” he says. “You’ve got parents and siblings, and spouses and children, and grandchildren and cousins. It takes just one or two bad things to screw it up.”

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