The Rundown on Aging Millennials

Differences exist between the generation’s older and younger cohorts

On a recent vacation, New York University grad student Taylor Friedman, 23, lounged at the pool, Snapchatting away, with her five older siblings, ages 30 to 37. Several were curious about thesmartphone app, so she tried to give them a lesson — but they couldn’t get the hang of it. A day later, Friedman’s brother asked whether he should text or call a young woman. “Text, of course,” she said. But her aghast older sister advised, “Don’t text, call!”

Except for the oldest, the Friedman siblings are millennials, the nation’s largest generation (spanning ages 19 to 35). They’ve been typecast as the entitled, narcissistic offspring of boomers. Howling the loudest against this stereotype are the older millennials, whose lifestyles are often very different from their younger counterparts.

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