Millennials Put Their Own Stamp on Parenting

Grandparents Day earlier this month sparked the observation that some of our adult children take a different approach to parenthood. This is not their childhood redux. The changes range from care and feeding to playtime and parenting philosophy. According to a study of more than 10 million millennial parents, 50 percent agree with the statement “I am raising my kids the way I was raised,” while another 50 percent disagree or are neutral to the statement.

Their top concerns? Monitoring their kids’ diet and worries about the environment. Perhaps as a reflection of their own overscheduled upbringing, more than 60 percent think their kids need more unstructured playtime. When it comes to what millennial parents want for their children, 82 percent want their children to know that possessions will not make them happy, 77 percent want their children to graduate from college, and 56 percent want their children to excel at sports. Along with the supposed de-emphasis on possessions, when millennial parents do go shopping, half say they buy products from companies that support charities, such as Nike, Target and Apple, which all have “cause platforms.”

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