Keeping the Lines of Communication Open With Millennials

Daily conversations with parents have pros and cons

Like thousands of students last fall, Liam McCarney of West Chester, Pa., went off to college. And like thousands of parents, Ann Pinto McCarney and her husband didn’t hear from their son for almost a month — except for an occasional one-word text. So Ann made a hilarious video giving Liam instructions on how to use his cellphone, which she posted on Facebook. In less than a day, the video gathered more than a million views, apparently striking a chord with other parents wondering if their adult child knows how to use a phone.

Despite those musings, conversation — actual and digital — is thriving between parents and children. And both benefit from the increased contact, according to a recent article in the U.K. journal Psychologist. More than half of millennials phone, text or email their parents nearly every day. Another 25 percent report contact several times a week.

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