How to Navigate Your Adult Child’s Romances

Take it slow when meeting significant others

While our millennials probably post details of their love life on Instagram andSnapchat, chances are parents might not hear about it. I know a family in which two adult children informally instituted the “three-month rule”: Don’t tell mom about a new relationship until after that time because she asks too many questions. After three months, a relationship has real long-term potential.

Regardless of when millennials decide to reveal their romances to parents, you can trust and believe that the rules of dating have changed over the last decade. As with every aspect of their lives, millennials go online to find potential partners, whether for one night or for life. A new Pew survey found that almost one-third of young people have used an online dating app. Sometimes adult kids are reluctant to tell their parents that they met a significant other online. But as one argument goes, how is that any better or worse than meeting in a bar?

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