Help Your Adult Child Stand Up to Bullies

Intimidation can continue online and in the workplace

The internet has taken bullying beyond the schoolyard and into homes and offices, with about 40 percent of Americans experiencing online harassment. Among our millennial children, the share jumps to 65 percent, a Pew Research Center survey found.

While in high school, New Yorker Mackenzie Gavel started an anti-bullying blog, based on her and her friends’ experiences. The 24-year-old public relations specialist believes that cyberbullying continues to increase because of apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Even emojis are used as bullying weapons. “They are now an incredibly easy way that require minimal effort to attack someone,” Gavel says. “I think cyberbullying is something that we are all going to have to experience throughout our lives. There isn’t a cutoff age.”

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