Good Eats: Millennials Like Fast, Fresh and Fun

Food and beverage habits differ from those of boomer parents

The kids are coming home for a few days for the spring holidays. Beyond the traditional meals, you’ve stocked up on kale, avocado, healthy breakfast cereal and hip craft beer. But you might find the cereal and beer untouched at the end of the visit. That’s because millennials have developed some decidedly different eating and drinking habits from those of their parents.

Grab-and-go foods such as yogurt or fast-food breakfast sandwiches are more their style. Cereal can be a hassle — 40 percent of millennials say it’s because you have to wash out a bowl, according to marketing researchers at Mintel. And while beer was the popular drink in college, many millennials have traded keg cups for wine glasses, consuming half the wine in the United States. That’s more than any generation.

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