When Your Adult Child Bypasses College

Delaying or even skipping higher education is a good thing for many millennials

Kathleen Zang of suburban Philadelphia was determined to give her four children the college education that she and her husband never had. Her children did well academically in high school, and in 2015 her third child, Brendan, went off to a state university. But after an unfulfilling first semester, he returned home.

Zang was disappointed and insisted that her son attend a community college and get a part-time job. Following his mother’s plan B, Brendan made the dean’s list at the community college. But it was his job with a heating and air conditioning contractor that set his future path. He discovered that he was good at the work and was motivated to start night classes in plumbing. Last winter he applied to the local plumbers union and was accepted as an apprentice.

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