Humor Column Sets Off Millennials on Twitter Rants

Can millennials take a joke? Perhaps an SNL skit or an online parody passes muster, but sometimes a topic can hit too close to home, igniting a flame war on social media. That’s what happened to Los Angeles Times humor columnist Chris Erskine when he in effect told millennials to grow up.

For the last 15 years, Erskine has penned witty observations in his Middle Ages column and two humor books. A 58-year-old father of four, including three millennials, he is well versed in the behavior of the younger generation. Spurred by his own observations — and comments from friends — he wrote a column suggesting that millennials need to change some of their habits before they can consider themselves adults. Tongue firmly in cheek, Erskine came up with a 46-point “pledge,” ranging from the serious (I am entitled to nothing) to the silly (I will not consider the cilantro on my taco to be a vegetable).

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