4 Pointers for Dads on How to Embrace Their Adult Kids

Too often dads take a back seat to moms, especially when it comes to holidays. A recent survey found that if Father’s Day and Mother’s Day fell on the same Sunday and adult children could celebrate only one, more than three-quarters would opt for mom! Apparently, mom is more deserving of the attention, and children claim to have more in common with her, the survey found. Even when it comes to spending, Father’s Day (this Sunday if you need a reminder) is the lowest-ranked holiday, with an average of $119.84 spent on ties and other uninspired gifts. In comparison, Mother’s Day ranks third after Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

While dads might not be ringing up record sales, fatherhood is still critical for providing values and morals, according to a Pew survey. That survey found almost 60 percent of Americans believe it’s important for dad to be a “moral teacher and emotional comforter rather than a breadwinner or disciplinarian.”

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